desander Ambient temperature

desander for a variety of drilling fluid solids control. Can be used with different specifications shaker, desander , mud and other equipment in addition to matching. Motor driven agitator , after reduction gear box , and stirred with a stirrer rotation of the impeller drive shaft , the drilling fluid at a constant stirring speed of the impeller to form a circulating flow of drilling fluid suspension of the solid phase particles , reliable continuous agitation the density of the drilling fluid and other properties remain stable .


The Solids Control motor with horizontal installation , single-stage deceleration mechanism arc cylindrical worm reducer , with a high efficiency . Seal with a special mechanism to solve the problem of unreliable seal. GN of this Mud cleaner has a low center of gravity , good stability, good damping effect , small size , saving tank area , smooth operation , mixing good effect, high efficiency advantages. On our planet, there is one place, which is designed to provide Mud cleaner for the rest of the world. You want to know where this place is? So, please pay attention to GN.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance: 1, Mud cleaner stable support base, connected firmly fixed when righting sleeve concentric with the centerline of the agitator shaft. Before the official use should be installed after the cleaner load test, load test first no-load test, when the load without failure before loading. Test set not less than two hours, running should be balanced without shock, vibration, noise and leakage phenomenon, found fault immediately removed.  2, should be injected before the worm gear using N220 ~ N320 (Ambient temperature -30 ~ 40 ) or N320 ~ N460 (ambient temperature 40 ~ 65 ) on the oil standard oil to the center, and take down the breather small cone on the plug. After the first 100 hours of use, the internal wash put new oil, after oil change every 2500 hours. 3, the cleaner should be regular maintenance (typically every six months), found reducer abrasions, gluing and obvious wear and tear, shall take effective measures. To shop for desander, visit here.

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