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Recently GN Company delivered one unit of Solids Transfer Pump for Bahrain Client, which is used to suction dry sand after abrasive blasting on steel tanks. GN Sludge Solids Transfer Pump can be used suction sludge, sand, powder, slurry, etc. The Pump is widely used in Construction, Environment Protection, Waste Management / Treatment, etc. 

Please look at video about the Pump during operation from linkages as follow, 

We already supplied the Pump to UK, Norway, Russia, Greece, Portugal, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Mongolia, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain......

And we authorized exclusive agency to a European company for Portugal + Spain market. 

GN Company Technical Engineers has already developed 3 models of the Pump, with different capacities, including 10m3/hour, 20m3/hour, and 40m 3/hour. (This amount is calculated based on water)

The Pump horizontal suction distance is 50meters, while discharge distance is 1000meters maximum. And its vertical suction distance is 8meters, while discharge distance is 80meters maximum. 

The Pump is 100% air operation/driven, which means there is no cost of electricity or diesel. And Air is always supported by air compressor. GN Company only supplies Pump, and suggest clients to find Air Compressor in local market, in order to save cost. 

Air Demand for different models of the Pump is different, for example, the smallest model needs air supplying 4.3m3/minute (150CFM), and pressure request is 550~690Kap (80~100PSI). 

Welcome to contact GN Sales Manager for more specifications. 


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