GN High G Force Drying Shaker with Hopper Design Slurry Feeder

GN Solids Control is a specialized manufacturer for the drilling mud solids control and drilling waste cuttings equipment. The shale shaker is one of GN’s main products. For this main product, at this time all the model GN’s provided is the linear motion vibration mode. As per the requirement coming from different industry and the customer’s preference, GN’s shale shaker is classified by the treating capacity and application.

GN’s shale shaker is classified as 200GPM, 500GPM and 600GPM. The smallest model is always be used in the compact system for the job site with limited location area. GN’s 600GPM model could be used in both the common solids control and waste management system. When talking about the slurry feeding type of GN high G force drying shaker, there are 3 types used for different application. The 3 types of the feeder box are the top located design; back located design and hopper designed. For the top located design feeder box, the shale shaker is often proposed to use in the mud recycling system for the HDD projects. As the mud tank in HDD are always narrow, so there is no enough space of the tank surface to locate the shale shaker. In HDD project, the drilling mud are always fed to the shale shaker through the pump, the drilling mud come to the screen with very low pressure, so the drilling mud would come to the screen directly from the top located feeder box. While in the oil drilling projects, the drilling mud always comes out from the drilling hole with high pressure. Thus there will be a buffer box to reduce the high pressure of the drilling mud, the feeder box is designed like an “n”, and the drilling fluids need overflow into the shaker deck.

For the hopper design feeder box, it is specially used for drilling waste cuttings dryer system. As the waste cuttings are always very thick, and the fluidity is not as good as the drilling fluids. When delivered to the drying shaker by the screw conveyor, the waste cuttings have to get into the shaker via a large opening feeder box. For this type hopper, it is easy to let the cuttings get in and performance would be very well.

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