Vacuum slurry pump units for oil tanks or oil sludge

In Beijing oil show, GN Solids Control exhibited his different sizes vacuum slurry pump units. GN Solids Control has a skid type vacuum transfer pump unit. GN Solids Control also owns 2 smaller size portable vacuum pumps in his equipment range. The portable vacuum slurry pumps are equipped with ties for easy movement. 

GN Solids Control makes the mobile type vacuum slurry pumps fitted with bigger wheels for easier maneuvering and ground clearance when moving around locations. On uneven surfaces and soft or sticky ground etc the little wheels would be a real hindrance. And it is good that GN Solids Control stayed away from Pneumatic Tires, and go with solid rubber as the air filled versions tend to make the Unit move around too much when it’s operating. 

GN Solids Control will also show its different models of vacuum slurry pump units on OTC oil show in Houston in April 29 ~ 3 May, 2018. GN Solids Control has a company and a warehouse in Houston. And they will have 2 booths on the Houston oil show. Below is the information can help you find GN Solids Control on the OTC oil show in Houston:

Show Time & Location: 30 April - 3 May, 2018. NRG Park, Houston, Texas, USA

Booth No. 1: NRG Center 1369-1 (GN China)

Booth No. 2: NRG Arena 8000 (GN America)

For clients who are looking for some good pump for pumping out oil sludge from Oil tanks on ships, the vacuum slurry pump units must be a perfect choice. 

The vacuum slurry pump units can suck and discharge oil sludge or waste oil remains which are very viscous and have some loose particles. The max. suction depth of the vacuum slurry pump units is up to 50m. So even the depth of tank is around 30m or 35m, it is no problem. And the max. transfer distance of the vacuum slurry pump units can reach up to 1000m. But the the different discharging head and the material situation, the exact transfer length should vary.

Besides vacuum slurry pump units, GN Solids Control also have other type of transfer pump, like screw pump, centrifugal pump, shearing pump, etc… For clients who are looking for pumps to pump the viscous oil sludge, they can contact GN sales team for help.

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