Mud Guns and Mud Agitators for a Mud Plant Project for Africa

In a complete solids control system for the oil and gas drilling, besides the main equipments like shale shakers, desanders, desilters and decanter centrifuges, the mud guns and mud agitators are auxiliary equipments, although necessary, but seem no much importance. But in a mud plant, they shift the roles into main equipments.

A mud plant is used to contain the drilling mud for next time use, but since there are many components in the drilling mud, there are many particles may settle down to the bottom of tank. And if they are settled down on to the tank bottom, they would become to sticky and strong to be re-stirred up. Mud agitators are like an egg mixer which continuously working day and night, to prevent the particles to settle down to the bottom of tanks. Mud guns plays as the same function. The mud agitators are located on the center of the mud tank, that’s why some corners of the tank couldn’t be reached by the mud agitators’ force. The mud guns are used for stirring the mud on the corner of the tank. Meanwhile, by means of the mud gun pipeline, the mud guns could also be used to transport the mud from one tank to another.

mud agitator

Many oversea drilling companies and oil service companies are satisfied with GN equipments’ good quality and buying equipments from GN solids control but build the tanks locally for making the mud cleaning system or the mud plant. This time for this African Project, GN has sold tens of mud agitators and mud guns and also jet mud mixing systems. In a complete mud tank, there should be a mud mixing system for adding the necessary chemicals.


GNJBQ series mud agitators covers all needed mud agitators in oil and gas solids control system, and GNNJQ series mud guns have fixed nozzles or rotary ones for option. GN mud gun uses PU nozzles instead of metal ones with better performance and longer service life.

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